Dr. Jeffrey Thompson — Songbird Sunrise (психоактивная аудиопрограмма)

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Название: Songbird Sunrise
Автор: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Серия: Alpha Relaxation Solution
Издательство: The Relaxation Company
Год: 2007
Продолжительность: 60 минут
Формат: FLAC, lossless
Размер: 241 Мб



Отпустите все проблемы и позвольте звукам утреннего пения птиц в осиновой роще заполнить вас целиком, прослушав данную психоактивную программу доктора Джеффри Томпсона. Этот известный создатель лечебной музыки разработал уникальные способы внедрения альфа-импульсов в трехмерную запись природных звуков, поэтому такое прослушивание вызывает изменение сознания и приводит к омолаживающей релаксации организма.


The sounds of morning songbirds embedded with alpha brainwave pulses surround you with the peaceful joy of a new day. Let go of all concerns, and allow yourself to be filled with the sweet and joyful sounds of morning songbirds and gentle breezes in a grove of aspen trees.

Pioneering sound healer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has combined the sounds of songbirds greeting the sun with his clinically proven alpha brainwave pulses to create the perfect relaxation listening experience:

Based on over 25 years of clinical research

Recorded using 3-D binaural technology

Can be used with any set of speakers or headphones


The Alpha Relaxation Solution™ Story

In states of deep relaxation, your brainwave patterns change to slow-frequency alpha waves. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has developed unique ways to embed these alpha pulses into multilayered, three-dimensional nature sound recordings. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto the alpha pulses and lead you easily into states of rejuvenating relaxation.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinical research with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks can alter states of consciousness and induce mind-body healing. His audio programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professionals, and individuals worldwide.


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