«In the Know. Understanding and Using Idioms» — английский язык с аудиоприложением

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Название: In the Know. Understanding and Using Idioms
Автор: Cindy Leaney
Год выпуска: 2005
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Количество страниц: 218
Формат: PDF+MP3, 128 Кб/с
Размер: 63 Мб
В учебнике английского языка «In the Know. Understanding and Using Idioms» собраны наиболее распространенные идиомы, которые представлены в коротких диалогах и историях. 40 уроков с идиомами, разбиты по темам (общение, деньги, отношения семья, еда и т.д.). После каждого урока, 3 страницы практических заданий для закрепления материала. К учебнику прилагается аудио, в котором озвучены диалоги к урокам.


In the Know includes 40 four-page units that deal with idioms in contexts such as communicating, money, and relationships; idioms that describe concepts such as danger, honesty, and success; and idioms based on key words such as colors and parts of the body. Based on extensive research in the Cambridge International Corpus, the idioms taught in In the Know are ones students will see and hear in everyday English. Each unit presents idioms, usually in a short dialog or story; the practice pages that follow are divided into three sections - Focus on Meaning, Focus on Form, and Focus on Use - which provide dozens of different exercise types to help students master the phrases. An audio CD with recordings of the presentation section from each unit is in every book. A reference section with definitions and examples from the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms gives students a resource for checking the idioms they've learned. An answer key is included.


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