«Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian» — русский язык для иностранцев

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Название: Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian
Автор: Thomas R. Beyer
Год: 1994
Издатель: Barron's
Язык: Английский, русский
Формат: PDF (127 стр.), mp3 (256 kbps)
Размер: 1.72 Гб

Курс русского произношения для англоговорящих.

Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian” is a handy, comprehensive audio course that will enable you to pronounce Russian as it is spoken on the streets of Moscow today. This program can be used by:
- Those who wish to learn Russian by themselves. This course provides plenty of practice to help beginning students master the basics of Russian.
- Those who know some Russian and want to improve their oral skills in pronunciation and intonation.
- Those who need more training in, and practice with the Russian sound system and long for a comprehensive and systematic explanation of Russian sound system.


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