Oxford Basic American Dictionary for Learners of English

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Oxford Basic American Dictionary for Learners of English

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Название: Oxford Basic American Dictionary for Learners of English
Автор: Oxford University Press
Год: 2011
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Язык: Английский
Формат: NRG (образ диска)
Размер: 362 Мб

Oxford Basic American Dictionary for Learners of Englishсловарь американского варианта английского языка содержит около 27000 слов и словосочетаний, озвученных, сопровождаемых грамматическими подсказками и частично иллюстрированных. Разработан специально для начинающих изучать английский язык специалистами в этой области.

A new American Dictionary specifically designed for learners of English. Written for individuals working to improve their English language skills. Featuring over 27,000 words, phrases, and meanings – including help with grammar, collocations, synonyms, and word choice – our learner’s dictionary uses the words you already know to define new vocabulary.
Researched with help from an Advisory Board of language experts who understand the needs of English learners or any students who are struggling with writing.

• It’s not enough to know the right vocabulary – students also have to know which words go together if they want to sound natural. The Oxford 3000 keywords, together with the new the Academic Word List, content area words, Topic Collocation boxes, and the synonym information gives students exactly the right tools to develop the vocabulary that is most relevant to their needs.
• Our research showed that illustrations help students quickly understand difficult words – even at an advanced level. We included over 500 color illustrations to complement words students find most challenging.
• The dictionary includes a full-featured CD-ROM with access to the complete A-Z dictionary, all illustrations, a topic dictionary, quick word lookup with the Oxford Genie, and spoken headwords along with record and playback functions to practice pronunciation
• Help students get the most out of the Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English with the Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder

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Oxford Basic American Dictionary for Learners of English


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