K. Nordvall ” Listening to the News Voice of America” – английский язык с аудиокурсом

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Название: Listening to the News Voice of America
Автор: Karl Nordvall
Издательство: Compass Publishing
Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: изучение иностранных языков, аудиокурс, учебное пособие, английский
Формат: PDF + MP3
Страниц: 100 + 31 + 40
Язык: английский
Размер: 405 Мб

Изучайте американский английский вместе с учебным пособием Listening to the news – voice of America.
Listening to the News Voice of America состоит из трех частей, каждая из которых призвана улучшить навыки аудирования.
Listening to the News Voice of America is a three-book series designed to improve listening comprehension skills for academic purposes while providing interesting topics related to culture, news, and current events.
Each of the twenty units contains an authentic news report from Voice of America, a multimedia broadcasting service funded by the US government. These reports highlight a wide variety of regional and global topics, which are grouped into four major themes: “American Life,” “General Interest,” “Science,” and “World Interest.”
Each unit begins by introducing students to the language, background and cultural information relevant to the news story. In addition to systematically guided listening comprehension activities with introduced vocabulary, students can focus on different phonetic areas exclusive to the listening passage, note taking, and summary activity. Finally, each unit ends with thought-provoking questions designed to increase student fluency and vocabulary retention.
Informative news topics based on themes from Voice of America
Exercises to support listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition
Full-color photographs with appealing graphics
Answer key and dictation activities included
Free online supplementary teaching and learning materials


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Listening to the News Voice of America



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